Speech Therapy Holiday Materials

We have officially entered the crazy holiday season.

This time of year always seems to be hectic, with little to no free time To help ease some of your stress, I have A LOT of fun and festive holiday games that require little to no prep. Also, many of these materials are "winter" themed, so they will work well past the holidays too!

Check them out. There are a lot:

  • 130 no-print English Materials
  • 32 printable materials (146 pages)
  • 80 no-print Spanish materials
  • 29 printable materials (137 pages)


Speech Therapy Holiday Materials

1. NEW Find Hidden Objects!!!!!

These versatile games are NEW and FUN! I made 14 games (7 in English and 7 in Spanish). 

How To Play:

Challenge your students to find the hidden objects. Once they click on an object, they have to answer a speech and/or language question.


  • 7 common sounds: S - Santa, CH/L - chocolate, K - candy cane, TH/R - wreaths, L - holly, J/BR - gingerbread, R - reindeer
  • Word Level Practice - Have the child say the word as they find the objects
  • Sentence/Conversational level Practice - Practice the target sound while answering language questions


  • Vocabulary - answer vocabulary questions such as location, description, function, etc...
  • Grammar - practice grammar structures when answering questions
English Materials
Spanish Materials

2. PowerPoint Games

These are everyone's favorite! I use these games for:

  • vocabulary (name pictures before clicking)
  • motivation (play after completing a task)
  • articulation (create a carrier phrase with target sound to say before clicking on the object)
  • language (describe an object before clicking on it to target vocabulary/description or grammar)
English Materials
Spanish Materials

3. No Print Winter Vocabulary Materials

For winter vocabulary, I have 7 no-print options:

  • Matching/memory game - target vocabulary words, function, and categorization
  • No print winter flashcards - use as needed!
  • Inferencing - read clues and guess "what object is in each bag"
  • Tier 2 winter vocabulary - pick an answer for a choice of two
  • Divergent naming - name winter objects that fit into different categories
English Materials
Spanish Materials

4. Printable Vocabulary Worksheets (these are available in no-print as well)

I use these worksheets ALL THE TIME since they work for almost every student, depending on their goals and level of supports needed.

Materials available:

  • Simple flashcards: name winter objects, cut them out, play games with them
  • Winter scenes: you can cut out objects and glue them on while targeting language and articulation goals
  • Winter vocabulary sort worksheets: Sort objects into different categories
  • In-depth vocabulary practice (my favorite material!!!): First, name each component of a winter vocabulary word. Next, create sentences defining and describing the winter vocabulary word. Don't miss this one!!!
English Materials
Spanish Materials

5. Articulation and Language Board Games

These Google Slides board games can be used for a variety of goals. Click on the screen to “roll” the dice and then move the characters around the board to see who wins! I use them to target:

  • Articulation
  • Vocabulary naming
  • Describing
  • Naming categories
English Materials
Spanish Materials

6. Winter Hidden Pictures

These games are fun and motivating. After a student names a picture, click on the image. The squares will start to disappear. Once they finish, a holiday picture will be revealed. You can target:

  • Articulation - there is a game for every sound!
  • Vocabulary - name the object before clicking on the picture
  • Grammar - use the picture in a sentence to target a variety of grammatical structures
English Materials
Spanish Materials

7. Articulation Dots Sheets

I am partial to good dot/coloring sheets! I can get so much articulation practice!! There are 4 sheets per sound in English and Spanish.

English Materials
Spanish Materials

8. Winter Cut and Paste Worksheets

There are 9 different winter holiday cut and paste worksheets for you in both English and Spanish.

  • I use these mostly for at-home practice. 
  • There are ideas on the bottom of each sheet for both articulation and language practice.
  • Most worksheets target common articulation goals as well as vocabulary, prepositions, and description tasks.
English Materials
Spanish Materials

9. WH Questions - No Print

Quick and festive WH questions to target who, what, where, when, what happened, why, and how. There are:

  • simple WH questions - with hot chocolate & marshmallow motivators
  • winter WH questions & story prompts - I love this one to target multiple goals
  • Christmas WH questions - picture description & WH questions
  • Who, where, what happened cards - to practice WH questions and creating a setting
English Materials
Spanish Materials

10. Interactive Drill Practice

These games are a must-use!! You can use these quick, interactive games to target articulation and language. There is one game for each sound.

There are 3 articulation games: 

  • holiday cookies 
  • candy store
  • snowman
English Materials
Spanish Materials

11. Verb Games

These are fun! Answers questions so you can deliver a present to all the houses before the holidays.

You can target

  • pronouns
  • future tense verbs & present progressive verbs
  • winter vocabulary
  • WH Question
English Materials

12. Christmas I Spy

These Christmas I Spy games are perfect for a quick, no-prep session. I use them for:

  • articulation: target /s/, TH, /l/, and SP with the sentence "I spy with my little eye...
  • language: practice describing objects, naming categories, etc...
English Materials
Spanish Materials

13. Preposition Games

Find hidden objects and pictures. Once you find them, describe where the object was located using the correct preposition.

English Materials
Spanish Materials

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