Speech Therapy Halloween Activities

If you are worried about what to do this Halloween season, I have you covered!

I have a range of holiday activities that are both available in print and no-print form. Of course, I prefer “no-print” since it equals “no-prep.”

Halloween Speech and Language Games

1. Halloween Guessing Game

This game is a lot of fun! See how many clues your students need before they can guess the answer!

You can use it to target:

  • vocabulary
  • deductive reasoning

2. Halloween Trivia Game

This is a NEW game that can be used for:

  • Fun trivia
  • Halloween vocabulary
  • Verbal reasoning

3. Interactive Slides

These are fun! After the child answers a question, click on the screen to collect candy. There are games for:

  • Why questions
  • Categorization/category naming

4. Halloween Puzzles

These are cute!

  • I use them for motivation and prepositions (put the piece next to, under, etc…)
  • We also finish the puzzle and then work on picture description, WH questions, and vocabulary!

5. Articulation and Language Board Games

These Google Slides board games can be used for a variety of goals. Click on the screen to “roll” the dice and then move the characters around the board to see who wins! I use them to target:

  • Articulation
  • Vocabulary naming
  • Describing
  • Naming categories

6. Halloween Hidden Pictures

These games are fun and motivating. After a student answers a question, click on the screen. Once they answer all the questions, a Halloween scene will be revealed. There are games for:

  • Articulation: S and SH
  • Language: opposites, fall vocabulary, descriptive phrases, synonyms
  • Grammar: pronouns, verbs

7. NEW Scavenger Hunt

NEW WORKSHEET! My kids really like a good scavenger hunt. You can walk around the school, neighborhood, or read a book and find all the objects listed on the worksheet.

8. Halloween Word Search/Articulation Practice

I love a good word search to help with the articulation/phonology connection!

This halloween word search has R and S words. You can target:

  • Articulation: R and S
  • Language: vocabulary

8. Dot Sheets For All Sounds

My kids LOVE dot sheets, and I easily get SO MUCH practice. I have sheets for all sounds but you can also use them for vocabulary practice as well.

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