Sentence Expansion Updates

I've been getting a lot of good feedback on the sentence expansion materials and a few requests to add more materials. So, you are in luck!

I have 170 pages of worksheets up on the site! I'll review them here. If you prefer a video, please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Sentence Expansion Therapy 

How and why you target sentence/phrase expansion will depend on the age of the child and their specific goals. Let's do a quick review before we jump to materials. 

Early Intervention

The goal is to increase:

  • vocabulary
  • simple syntax (i.e., noun + verb)
  • mean length of utterance (MLU)

Therapy uses implicit strategies during play and daily interactions including:

  • Expansions: A child’s utterance is repeated while increasing complexity (grammar and/or semantics) by one unit
  • Recasts: Recasts are a type of expansion where a child’s utterance is repeated, but the repetition changes the mode of the utterance (i.e., active voice to passive voice)

Preschool & Early Elementary Therapy

The goal is to increase:

  • vocabulary (nouns, subject, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)
  • complex syntax (i.e., noun + verb, noun + verb + direct objects, etc...)

Therapy uses a combination of explicit and implicit language strategies:

  • Use explicit strategies to teach vocabulary and grammar structures
  • Use implicit strategies to work on generalization 

Sentence Expansion Materials

Early Intervention

For early intervention, remember expanding mean length of utterance happens during play and functional communication.

Parent friendly handouts are a must! Click below to check them out. 

  • To access Spanish handouts, click here.
  • To access English handouts, click here.

Preschool & Early Elementary Materials

NEW - Leveled Worksheets

I added 170 more pages of sentence expansion leveled worksheets in both English and Spanish. I LOVE these worksheets and use them to target a variety of goals (i.e., vocabulary, grammar). 

These worksheets decrease cues/increase difficulty in a systematic way so the child has a chance of being successful.

Each student is challenged to create a sentence about a picture and increase the MLU using colors, numbers, prepositions, descriptions, etc... There are sentence strips that offer some level of support. 

Each group of worksheets take away a level of support in the sentence strip and can be used as the child gains independence. Please check out the video for more information.

Members, to access the materials click below:

NEW - Cut and Paste Worksheets

These materials are BRAND NEW and my clients have responded well to them.

These BRAND NEW cut and paste worksheets are designed to help children increase their mean length of utterance while engaging in hands-on activities. 

The sentence strips vary in difficulty/complexity and level of support. They are available in color and black white, depending on what you need. 

To access the materials, click the links below.

WH Unscramble Sentences

These materials are some of my favorite because I can use them to target a variety of goals:

  • Vocabulary
  • Creating WH questions
  • Answer WH questions
  • Grammar

I included these materials here because you can use them to expand a child's utterance at ANY level. You, as the therapist, have the ability to give the child a sentence starter if needed. 

Communication Boards

These communication boards were originally created as low tech AAC materials. However, they work great for having children expand their MLU!

There is a board for:

  • preschool
  • food
  • toys
  • school breaks
  • needs/feelings
  • home routines
  • pain

For each topic, there is a sentence strip at the top of the page. It is a great way to work on MLU and support any child with word-finding issues too!

To access the communication boards, click the links below:

Video Tutorial

Please watch the quick tutorial below on where to find the materials, how to use them, etc...

Access Materials


To access the materials, click the links above.


If you would like to access all sentence expansion materials and 3,127+ materials, you can join the membership here.

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