No-Print Vocabulary Flashcards

This post is all about no-print VOCABULARY flashcards. These simple materials can make your planning and therapy sessions a breeze! Keep reading to find out how and where to find the materials. 

Quick Vocabulary Instruction Review

Therapists and teachers tend to teach vocabulary implicitly. This means they teach vocabulary while reading a book and/or during conversations.

However, the research has told us that EXPLICIT practice is essential for short-term gains (actually learning the vocabulary word). Implicit learning (literacy based) is crucial for long term gains (generalization). We need both!

Quick Takeaway Vocabulary Tips To Remember:

  • Exposures across different contexts is key for generalization.
  • Explicitly teach the meaning (not just incidental teaching through stories or "teachable moments") is necessary.
  • Relating words together creates word depth.

No-Print Vocabulary Flashcards

Besides following the research, my other principle in therapy and in life is to keep things SIMPLE. Too many times we overcomplicate things which just adds to unneeded stress.

To accomplish this, I MUST have easy-to-access, no-print materials that can I use during any therapy session. This is an easy way to create effective, authentic therapy sessions. Session planning is NOT AUTHENTIC!

Pictured Objects

On the membership site, I have 10 "decks" of images that are essential for no-prep vocabulary and language sessions.  I can bring up these no-print flashcards as an activity or as stimuli during a game to target:

  • object naming
  • categorization
  • function
  • location
  • description
  • story grammar
  • grammar
  • verbal reasoning
  • wh questions
  • and more!

Tier 2 Flashcards

Just like the tier 1 vocabulary flashcards above, we NEED tier 2 flashcards. Tier 2 flashcards are less common, so I created 61 words covering:

  • definitions (great for taking baseline data and goal updates)
  • antonyms
  • synonyms
  • use in a sentence

Video Tutorial

Feel free to watch the video to explore the materials in action

Benefits & Uses of No-Print Flashcards


This is my favorite benefit! I don't have to prep sessions. Instead, I can bring up materials with 2 clicks.

In-Session Adaptability:

This is my second favorite benefit. Depending on how the session is going (good or bad), I can adapt on the fly!

Portability and Accessibility:

Unlike traditional printed materials, no-print flashcards can be accessed on various devices such as tablets, smartphones, or computers, making them highly portable and accessible.

Environmentally Friendly:

By reducing the use of printed materials, we contribute to environmental sustainability!

Access Materials

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a fabulous day!

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