Multiple Meanings

May's membership material winner was multiple meanings! Thanks to those who voted.

I have therapy ideas for all and lots of new materials for members.

Multiple Meanings Definition

For a quick review, multiple meaning words are words than have more than one definition.

This is a hot topic for my Spanish speaking he is constantly surprised HOW MANY words have more than one meaning, ha. 

Speech Therapy & Multiple Meanings

For vocabulary development, comprehension, and expressive language skills, being able to understand and use multiple meaning is crucial. That is why we must focus on them during speech therapy for those clients who need it. 

However, not all clients will need the same level of support. That is why I like to have materials with different cues already built in to them. 

Multiple Meaning Materials

Below are new materials up on the membership site and my ideas on how to use them. 

NOTE - I don't break up vocabulary words by grade. I did that once and one student was CRUSHED to know he was working on first grade vocabulary when he was in fourth grade. 

Instead, all materials are in one document but the vocabulary words get progressively harder with each page.


The easiest level for working on multiple meanings is matching. The child is challenged with listening or reading a word and then drawing lines to its two different meanings. 

For an extra challenge, I have the children explain the two different meanings after completing the task. I may even challenge some to come up with a third!

Creating 2nd Definition

The next step is to show a child a picture and offer one definition. Then, I challenge the child to think of and write in another definition. This is significantly harder than matching, but one definition is already provided. So, the jump isn't to big 🙂

For those who are able and when applicable, you can see if your students can think of a third!

No Pictures, No Definitions

The last step is to have the student write in both definitions for a stimulus word!

This works on vocabulary, multiple meanings, and even grammar. 

Bonus Tier 2 Multiple Meanings

For those students who are working on tier 2 vocabulary, there are print and no-print materials for tier 2 multiple meaning words. 

This is a challenging task but important to strengthening vocabulary skills!


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