Expanding Sentences & WH Questions

I like to keep my therapy materials simple and multi-functional. There is no need to complicate things!

So, let's work on expanding sentences and WH questions at the same time!

The foundational skills of answering simple WH questions using correct grammar go hand-in-hand.

Therefore, it is great to have materials that can support your student's learning depending on where they are at that day with the supports they need.

Research Review

During my expanding sentences & WH questions research review, I found this amazing resource, Shapecoding, created by Susan Ebbels, PhD, SLT and Amanda Owen Van Horne, PhD, CCC-SLP.

There is SO MUCH FREE information here, and I highly recommend that you take some time to explore it. 

Be sure to check out this amazing spreadsheet: https://shapecoding.com/resources/grammar-spreadsheet-free/.

This free spreadsheet and video walks through (in great detail) grammar development and intervention order. This has helped me so much with goal development and therapy. Please check it out when you have a free minute. 

Sentence Expansion Materials

Based on the chart above, I wanted to materials that would focus on:

  • foundational grammar skills (most of my students need it)
  • sentence expansion while maintain grammar accuracy (most of my students need it)
  • flexible use: in-person and teletherapy (I need it!)

Step 1

First, I wanted a concrete way to practice "who" questions.

This slide can be used to target comprehension/answering "who" questions and/or pronouns (flexible use!).

For some clients, that is we do, and I move on to the next "set." For other clients, we continue with our WH questions practice.

Step 2

Next, I work on other foundational WH questions, "what" and "how many."

Again, these slides can be used in isolation and simply target comprehension/answering WH questions and/or tier 1 vocabulary.

When your students are able, keep on clicking to target sentence expansion/grammar with the last slide.

Step 3

On the last last slide, we put it all together! There are missing lines and images to support the child's learning.

Once a child says a word, click on the screen. The answer will appear, one word at a time.

This is a great support for those working on word order. The visuals for the missing words really help!!!

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