Articulation Data Tracking Flashcards

I'm excited to share my new articulation data tracking flashcards! I've been wanting these for awhile so I'm thrilled that the single sound decks for English are DONE! 

Articulation Data Tracking Flashcards

As most of you know, I am a BIG proponent of no-print materials since they allow me to create effective no-prep sessions while helping the Earth 🙂 In case you missed it, I have just released a blog post discussing all the available no-print flashcards and why they are awesome on my informational site, Speech THerapy Talk. If you would like to read more about it, click here.

This post is all about the NEW quick data materials!

Data Tracking

Before we get to the materials, we need to talk a little about data tracking. I KNOW and UNDERSTAND that keeping track of data is an essential part of speech therapy. HOWEVER, it is not so cut and dry as we would like to believe.

Therapy isn't a linear process, and sometimes a child MAKES a huge jump in therapy, like being able to say /s/ without a tactile or verbal cue for the first time, while still maintaining the same accuracy from the week prior. On a graph, it will look like no progress was made but in reality, there was a breakthrough. 

Also, I don't want my students to feel that they are always being "judged." I keep my therapy sessions comfortable, friendly, and as natural as possible. This means, I can't be marking every production during every session. But, I do still need data....

Articulation Data Tracking Flashcards To The Rescue

I LOVE my new data tracking flashcards because they aren't in your face. My students haven't even noticed that I have been taking data this week. 

The quick data flashcards have the following features:

  • appear to be normal, no-print flashcards
  • flashcards for the initial, medial, and final word position as well as a mixed position deck
  • have a simple + and - data tracking
  • quick to pull up and easy to use
  • can be used for drill or as a stimuli in a game

Theory Behind Data Tracking Flashcards

I put a lot of thought into these flashcards. I need something that was:

  • easy to access
  • could be naturally blended into therapy 
  • children didn't know that I was necessarily taking data

I toyed with the idea of adding buttons to indicate whether cues were used or not, but ultimately decided to leave that out.

I have had similar materials in the past and found that the more complicated the scoring system, the harder it was to take data in real-time and it also became distracting to the students. 

How To Use Flashcards

As always, you can use these flashcards in any way you see fit. 

I typically pull up a deck and either run through it as a quick drill practice or as a stimuli for a game. Once I get the percentage at the end, I jot it down on a post it with a quick note on level of cueing.

Later, I can add that to my charting. Easy!

More Flashcards Coming Your way

I'll be honest, these took A LONG time to make. I was able to finish the English ones for single sounds. I am working on Spanish single sounds. I will let you know when they are ready. 

Members,  PLEASE try out these cards and let me know what you think. If you are loving them and want more, let me know which ones you want next. Do you want R, blends, vocabulary, etc...?

Video Tutorial

Please watch the quick tutorial below on where to find the materials, how to use them, etc...

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