Speech Therapy Talk Membership

Speech Therapy Simplified...

You are seconds away from

  • FINALLY reclaiming your free time
  • gaining confidence as a speech language pathologist
  • running zero-prep, effective therapy sessions 

Stop me if any of these problems sound familiar.....

  • You are TIRED of spending endless hours photocopying, searching, laminating, cutting, pasting, organizing, and over-planning for sessions that aren't even that great. 
  • You have cluttered shelves, book cases, and desktop folders with materials that you can't quite organize in a way where things can be found in less than a second during a session. 
  • You are full of worried thoughts that you aren't the speech pathologist that you are suppose to be and your students aren't making enough progress.
  • You know that your students need a comprehensive home program if they are going to make progress but don't have the materials or the time to set that up.
  • You feel OVERWHELMED at work and can't imagine doing this job year after year. 

If it does, then you are not alone. I felt this way too!


I was drowning in stress, work, and frustration as I started my private practice. Desperate for an easier way, I turned to the internet only to find: I knew there had to be an easier way. I reached out to the internet and found:

  • Overpriced therapy certifications, programs & books that required EXTENSIVE training. I fell for them, and then came to find out, real-life children don’t fit into cookie-cutter plans. They gathered dust on my shelf.
  • Cutesy, time-consuming materials that I didn’t have time to organize or prep. I was spending so much of my hard earned money and was STILL underprepared and overwhelmed.
  • Social media accounts full of quick tips, impeccably designed offices, and elaborate materials, leaving me feeling inadequate and directionless.
  • Other membership sites that either required me to prep, have certain books, follow a protocol, and/or print LARGE documents where I was still struggling to find that one worksheet quickly in the middle of a session.
  • Truly nothing that was helping me to become the speech therapist I aspired to be or achieving the elusive work-life balance I craved.

Thankfully, all of that is behind you!

Speech Therapy Talk Membership

to the rescue!

The real magic in speech therapy starts and ends with our knowledge and expertise! Our training and problem-solving skills are what our clients depend on.

We simply need materials that support us!

Speech Therapy Talk Membership is the leading membership for no-nonsense speech therapists who finally have gained their life back.

I’m all about streamlining and simplifying speech therapy so your therapy sessions are a breeze, and your students make progress.

With all the materials, cues, and supports already built into this site, speech therapy sessions almost feel too easy. 

Key Benefits of Joining Speech Therapy Talk

Save Time

You can officially STOP prepping!!! Everything is organized so you can find things easily & quickly during sessions.

Save Money

Everything you need for effective sessions is included. No more buying expensive materials that you can never find again. 

Seamless Sessions

Need to pivot mid session? That's not a problem! Find what you need easily and open it with only 2 clicks!

Print Materials

Instant access to thousands of worksheets, home practice materials, handouts, and parent guides.

Evidence Based Materials

Research-based materials are important to me. Before creating materials, I consult the evidence so you don't have to. 

No-Print Materials

Instant access to thousands of no-print materials that can be used for teletherapy or no-prep in-person sessions.

Supportive Community

You have access to a member's Facebook group where you can feel safe to ask questions and receive support. 


Members can request materials at any time, and I will make them. This membership is collaborative and all have a voice. 

New Materials Every Month

There are no hidden fees here. New materials are added every month (usually every week) and you have access to all!

What Makes Speech Therapy Talk Membership Different?


  • Members get a say in the materials I create
  • They're encouraged to request specific materials, and I fulfill these requests as best I can.
  • There is a Facebook group where members can safely find support as needed
Easy To Access Materials
  • This is the most IMPORTANT feature of my membership!
  • I need materials that are easy to find and accessible with just a few clicks.
  • This way, I can create sessions that match my clients needs in real-time and adjust as the session progresses.

No Hidden Fees

  • New materials are added each month and there are no extra fees or need to upgrade to access them.
  • All Materials are yours to use!
  • There are no confusing payment plans to access different types of materials.

Amount of Materials In English AND Spanish

  • There are 3,000+ materials up on the site in both English & Spanish!
  • There are printable materials for home practice, worksheets, handouts, and references.
  • The no-print materials are available for teletherapy and no-prep sessions.

Hey There, I'm Bridget and I Can't Wait To Help...

I am a practicing speech language pathologist. I have been doing this for 17 years and counting! I've worked everywhere from schools to hospitals to outpatient clinics to nursing homes to private practices.

I understand the highs and lows of the job. I get the stress and difficulties that come with the job as well as the joy of connecting with clients and the thrill of making progress!

One day, I decided that therapy planning and session running had to be easier. I'd been doing this for years so I didn't think the problem was me.  I needed evidence-based materials (not cutesy) that I could grab in seconds organized in a manner made sense. I needed cues, worksheets, games, and handouts to build on each other as a child progressed. I needed a site to work for me and not the other way around! So, I made it!

I LOVE connecting with and supporting fellow speech therapists and parents. I'm here to help and support you. Tell me what you need and I will get on it. We are a team here!

Learn more about me here!

All Members Get Full Access To: 

With Speech Therapy Talk membership, you have instant access to 3,000+ Spanish and English materials (and newly added materials) that target:

Articulation Materials

Print & No Print

  • Flashcards at all levels
  • Handouts, worksheets, and minimal pairs
  • Online games, drill, and more! 

Handouts & Norms


  • Caregiver handouts
  • teacher referrals, data keeping, and more!
  • track progress and milestones

Language Materials

Google Slides, PowerPoint, Web

  • Target all language goals
  • Interactive and fun!
  • Cueing strategies built into materials

Home Practice


  • Effective & fun home practice worksheets
  • Functional ideas that adapt into daily life
  • Cue sheets & guides

Spanish Materials

Print & No Print

  • Articulation flashcards & worksheets
  • Language materials in print and no-print form
  • Late talker handouts and games

Late Talker

Print & No Print Materials

  • Late talker therapy technique handouts
  • Parent handouts & strategies (the best)
  • Progress trackers and more!

Motivational Materials

Google Slides & PowerPoint

  • If/then worksheets
  • Online & printable drill motivation materials
  • Reward charts, schedules, and more!

New Materials

No Hidden Fees!

  • New materials added weekly
  • You will receive a monthly email with how to access and use your new materials

Take A Tour Of The Membership!

 Don't take my word for it. Please watch the video below to see how the membership works!

What Current Members Are Saying ...

How was Speech Therapy Talk Membership helped you?

"This membership is amazing and so worth the investment! New materials are constantly being added and there are great speech and language items in both English and Spanish!"

Why did you choose this membership?

"It seemed the most approachable and easy to use compared to some of the others."

What is the best thing about this membership?

"The wonderful and engaging materials! The students have so much fun while working on their goals!"

Do you recommend Speech Therapy Talk Membership?

"Absolutely! I also love that Bridget is very quick to respond and to try to add materials as requested by her members!"

Anything else?

"Thank you so much for all of the wonderful resources that have been so helpful for both in-person and virtual sessions!"

Amy Grimes, SLP

How was Speech Therapy Talk Membership helped you?"

It provides a wealth of materials for a variety of skills and is just awesome. The best membership I have ever had!!!"

Why did you choose this membership?

"The quality of materials and value"

What is the best thing about this membership?

"The materials are a HUGE timesaver. The quality of content, organization, and grab and go design saves hours of searching and creating."

Do you recommend Speech Therapy Talk Membership?


Anything else?

"Thank you for your keeping materials fresh and new!"

Kim S., SLP

Get Instant Access to Speech Therapy Talk Membership

Pick the payment plan that works for you!




  • Pay $25 every month
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • webinars, tutorials, and facebook groups
  • Cancel anytime with 3 clicks


PER 3 Months

  • Save $10 every 3 months
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • webinars, tutorials, and facebook groups
  • Cancel anytime with 3 clicks



  • Save $60 every year!
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • webinars, tutorials, and facebook groups
  • Cancel anytime with 3 clicks

Discounts Available

School District/Clinic Discount

$Save 30-50%

  • 30-50% off depending on number of memberships
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • webinars, tutorials, and facebook groups
  • Cancel anytime with 3 clicks
Student Discount



  • Save $150 for first year!
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • webinars, tutorials, and facebook groups
  • Cancel anytime with 3 clicks

Secure Payment

Not sure if Speech therapy talk membership is right for you?

Speech Therapy Talk membership isn't for everyone! Let's see if I can help you with your decision making progress.

Who The Membership Is For

  • Speech therapists and other educators who want to enjoy some FREE TIME! 
  • Parents of children who are already in speech therapy and want to supplement their learning at home.
  • SLPs who see the benefit of NOT planning and prepping and instead prefer to create sessions in real-time depending on how the therapy is going.
  • SLPs who NEED materials that can be accessed QUICKLY with only a few clicks.
  • SLPs who value home practice programs but don't want to spend hours creating them.
  • Spanish speaking SLPS who need quality materials.

Who The Membership Is NOT For

  • SLPs and educators who prefer step-by-step programs and plans
  • SLPs who prefer cutesy materials and crafts
  • Professionals who work in middle and high school. The materials here are geared towards early intervention and elementary age students
  • SLPs who are looking for large packets to print once and then photocopy and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of person is this membership best suited to?

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Do I get access to the new materials added each month?

Can I access both the English and Spanish materials?

Can I organize or save my favorite materials?

Is all of the content available straight away or is it time-released (drip fed)?

Can I access content released during my membership once I cancel?

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

I’m not 100% sure is the membership is right for me, do you offer a trial so I can test it out?

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