Speech Therapy Talk Membership


  • Speech therapy materials shouldn't cost a fortune.
  • Session planning shouldn't be complicated!
  • Your materials should do all the work for you!

Your Professional Life Doesn't Have To Be This Hard.....

It Just Doesn't!!!

Our Problems

  • Spending endless hours photocopying, laminating, cutting, pasting, organizing, and over-planning for sessions!  
  • Cluttered shelves, book cases, and desktop folders with materials you THOUGHT were going to save your professional life but NEVER DID!
  • Worried thoughts that you aren't the speech pathologist that you are suppose to be. You aren't living up to the PERFECT Instagram and Pinterest SLP.
  • TIRED of spending hard earned money on expensive materials that never quite hit the mark!
  • Feeling OVERWHELMED at work and can't imagine doing this job year after year. 

My Solutions

  • No-print materials save the earth AND your planning time. You don't have to shuffle through books or binders. Just simply click on a link and get to work. 
  • FUNCTIONAL and MULTI-PURPOSEFUL materials on ONE site! Open one site and you are set for the day.
  • Knowing that Speech Therapy Talk is keeping up with the research so you can feel confident in your practice.
  • We work HARD for our money and that is why my mission is to keep Speech Therapy Talk affordable! We deserve to spend money on the fun things in life.
  • Create the BEST therapy sessions with NO PREP. Not "little prep," "NO PREP!" It is possible!

Speech Therapy Talk's Membership Includes

With this speech therapy membership, you will have instant access to 1000+ materials of speech and language activities, articulation teaching guides, tailored games that target specific speech and language goals, story companions, Spanish materials, worksheets, prompts/visuals, handouts, teletherapy materials, and more for an AFFORDABLE price!

Articulation Materials

Print & No Print

  • flashcards - word to sentence level,
  • handouts, worksheets, minimal pairs,
  • online games, drill, and more! 

Handouts & Norms


  • disorder handouts, 
  • progress trackers,
  • teacher referrals, data keeping, and more!

No Print Materials

Google Slides & PowerPoint

  • Games, worksheets, and more!
  • Interactive and fun!
  • Materials for articulation and language.

Home Practice


  • Effective & fun home practice worksheets
  • Functional ideas that parents can adapt into daily life

Spanish Materials

Print & No Print

  • Articulation materials,
  • parent handouts,
  • teaching materials, and more!

Late Talker

Print & No Print Materials

  • Late talker therapy technique handouts,
  • progress trackers,
  • fifty first words, and more!

Motivational Materials

Google Slides & PowerPoint

  • If/then worksheets
  • Online and printable drill motivation materials
  • Reward charts, schedules, and more!

Monthly Videos

Exclusive to Members

  • Monthly videos delivered to your inbox!
  • Learn what is new each month and my tips on how to use the materials.

I think my membership is awesome, I use it daily! However, don't take my word for it. Click the button below to try out some free web games. Bookmark this page. I will switch out seasonal games!

What Current Members Are Saying....

How was Speech Therapy Talk Membership helped you?

It provides a wealth of materials for a variety of skills and is just awesome. The best membership I have ever had!!!

Why did you choose this membership?

The quality of materials and value

What is the best thing about this membership?

The materials are a HUGE timesaver. The quality of content, organization, and grab and go design saves hours of searching and creating.

Do you recommend Speech Therapy Talk Membership?


Anything else?

Thank you for your keeping materials fresh and new!

Kim McSorley, SLP

How was Speech Therapy Talk Membership helped you?

This membership is amazing and so worth the investment! New materials are constantly being added and there are great speech and language items in both English and Spanish!

Why did you choose this membership?

It seemed the most approachable and easy to use compared to some of the others.

What is the best thing about this membership?

The wonderful and engaging materials! The students have so much fun while working on their goals!

Do you recommend Speech Therapy Talk Membership?

Absolutely! I also love that Bridget is very quick to respond and to try to add materials as requested by her members!

Anything else?

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful resources that have been so helpful for both in-person and virtual sessions!

Amy Grimes, SLP

How was Speech Therapy Talk Membership helped you?

It's supplied a lot of quality materials that have not only saved me time but also given me ideas of new ways to approach therapy goals.

Why did you choose this membership?

The price, the focus on research based materials, and the emphasis on functional rather than cutesy.

What is the best thing about this membership?

All the reasons I mentioned above for choosing it!

Do you recommend Speech Therapy Talk Membership?

Absolutely. This is an amazing amount and quality of content, thank you for putting it together and allowing us to share in it.

Monica Hofheinz, SLP

Join now!

Monthly Membership


Pay per month!

  • Pay per month
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • Instant access to all webinars, tutorials, and forum
  • Cancel anytime with 2 clicks

Yearly Membership


Save $60 per year!

  • Pay once per year!
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • Instant access to all webinars, tutorials, and forum
  • Cancel anytime with 2 clicks

Quarterly Membership


Save $10 every 3 months!

  • Pay 4 times per year!
  • Instant access to ALL web-based, print, and no-print materials
  • Weekly emails with new materials & videos on how to use them in therapy
  • Instant access to all webinars, tutorials, and forum
  • Cancel anytime with 2 clicks

What makes this membership different from the rest?


First of all....price! This is the only affordable membership program out there!

  • Materials can be EXPENSIVE. Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) can be EXPENSIVE! ONE activity can cost more than this membership.
  • Many memberships (while amazing) are EXPENSIVE. $30+ a month is a hefty price.


  • I truly care about what I do, the parents, and speech pathologists that I am lucky enough to connect with. It brings me such joy to work with you, honestly.
  • At Speech Therapy Talk Membership, you are truly part of a small business that cares. I go out of my way to treat everyone with kindness. I think the world needs more of that. You will feel the difference.

Practicing SLP

  • All materials are made by me, a PRACTICING SLP. I only make materials that I use. I want to test drive them before I send them out to the public.
  • Other programs, while wonderful, aren't run by practicing speech pathologists and this can make a big difference.


  • The ENTIRE PURPOSE of this site, my therapy practice, and my life is to simplify! Minimalism brings joy and FASTER PROGRESS!
  • My materials are PRACTICAL, FUNCTIONAL, and EFFECTIVE.
  • I DESPISE a lot of prep work (those activities aren't even that effective).
  • Open To Suggestions

    • I LOVE feedback and suggestions. If there is something you need, let me know and I will do my best to create something!
    • We are a team!

    Home Program Materials

    • Activities and information are designed for children working towards speech and language goals ranging
    • From saying sounds right (articulation), learning first words, and/or working on any language skills (grammar, morphology, vocabulary, narrative structure, pragmatics).

    Amount of Materials

  • There are THOUSANDS of pages of materials. 
  • Instead of buying one app or one packet that targets one thing, you get a healthy variety of FUNCTIONAL and PRACTICAL games and materials.
  • Teletherapy Friendly

  • One silver lining about the Covid-19 crisis has been my introduction to no-print materials. I am IN LOVE and plan on using them from now on.
  • Most materials have been adapted to No-Print utilizing PowerPoint and Google Slides. New teletherapy materials are been added twice a week!
  • Teletherapy Friendly

    • I am always in need of new materials and I get bored. 
    • I am ALWAYS making materials and sharing them weekly.

    Supplemental Materials

    • Therapy doesn't end at the speech room. It is only the beginning!
    • This program supplements current speech therapy programs. 
    • Parents have activities they can implement throughout the day easily and naturally.



    You can cancel yourself at ANY TIME without any fee. Once cancelled,  you will have access for the rest of the month and/or year that has already been paid for.


    New material are added weekly! Seriously! You will receive an email once to twice a month with all the updates on where to find the materials on the site and tips on how to use them. 


    Most materials are appropriate for ages 0-10 or birth to 4th grade. Sorry, I don't have many materials for middle or high school yet.


    No! As long as you don't cancel, you are locked in at your rate. So, if rates increase, yours will not.

    Questions? Contact us!


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